3:34pm July 11, 2014
I got a few (like, 4) trashed PCs today for free. So my day’s been nothing but throwing away trashed parts and salvaging hardware.
(Today was a good day :3)

I got a few (like, 4) trashed PCs today for free. So my day’s been nothing but throwing away trashed parts and salvaging hardware.

(Today was a good day :3)

8:36pm July 3, 2014

Woah I jumped ten followers since last night.

Hello new people. :o 

8:17am June 30, 2014

Okay okay I got tagged by Miranda to do the whole 5 good things about myself. And very sorry it took me so long to get to this. Anyway, here it goes.

  1. I can adapt well and I catch on to whatever I do almost instantly
  2. I’m really good at video games :3
  3. I do actually like the way I look, even if I complain sometimes. Everyone has their days.
  4. I am a very driven and determined person.
  5. I’m incredibly tech-savvy 

And now I’m off to tag 10 people :D 

5:33pm June 23, 2014

Moves like Jagger?

Don’t even talk to me unless you have moves like this


9:29pm June 17, 2014

So we talked about disabled kids in class today. Weirdly, I’m the kind of guy that daydreams about having a kid that’s deaf and learning sign language with them and making a connection. Just daydreaming about being close to my children… like daydreaming about a possible future with a child and establishing a connection. Being there for a kid.

Am I weird? Do other people daydream about things like this?

8:48am May 15, 2014

As a new diabetic. I have to say, hitting a good level of blood sugar is the most satisfying feeling. 

7:57pm May 14, 2014

Oh hey~ I’m back.

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3:42pm May 7, 2014


So. I’m probably going to lose a few followers for this.

But I was I was stumbling around old pictures and found this picture. Left one is me as Coach last year at Animazement.  Right is a reference in case one of my followers has somehow not heard of / played  Left4Dead 2? I dunno. :D 

Oh hey I found it! (it only took like,15 minutes of looking through my own posts.)

12:01pm May 6, 2014

Went for a jog.

I feel a million times better holy crap.

Now I’m eating yogurt. ^_^ I just thought I would share.

1:59am May 4, 2014


That moment when you realize…. I am Robin lol

5:01pm April 29, 2014

"Funnel Clouds spotted"

Well I might as well just make a new home right here.

4:27pm April 29, 2014

It’s currently

  • raining
  • hailing
  • thundering
  • Tornado Watch

I’m in a closet now with my laptop. Because the winds are crazy crazy. And the thunder is shaking the house. [ I have a decently sound 1 story house. So the shaking of MY house, being as grounded as it is, is definitely a bad thing]

11:54pm April 26, 2014

Changed my picture to my face, Lost a follower. Okay.

7:34pm April 26, 2014



Running wild in the streets with your best friend.

I don’t even watch Naruto and I love these two

1:30am April 23, 2014


willy wonka and I are one